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Below is just a small selection of testimonials from clients we have worked with in the past.


Julius Acharyya 
Owner Leads by Lulius 

It's an honor to write for a company that has so much to offer in the market place. I got to learn so much by working with Global leads and data. They maintain exceptional work quality in every steps they take. The leads they produce are unmatched and their leadership is unparalleled. Overall very satisfied with Global leads and data and highly recommend working with them

Matt Millchard
Under1roof Limited 

Chris Martin
Data Acquisition Sales

Carl is a knowledgeable and professional contact that I would recommend anyone to work with regularly. Always a pleasure to deal with, but also very switched on within the data industry and he has always provided high levels of service and results from his products and services. I would have no problem pointing anyone in his direction for a quality service

James McCallum

Over the short period of time I have used Tony and his services, he has delivered on every occassion and his knowledge within this field is second to none, a real must for any "client facing" industry.

I have worked with Tony, Carl and the team on many deals and have found them nothing but professional. All conversations have been open and transparent. The GPG team impressed me with their business ethics on our early deals where I could tell that straight away, they don’t waste time with scammers and tyre kickers, they politely decline and move on. In one instance that really stuck out for me again early on, is when we were trying to close a lucrative deal all round and the buyer was simply too slow to sort paperwork after the comfort call and the lot went. The buyer mandate was unnecessarily rude to me on the group because he lost the deal, however Tony stepped in and diplomatically explained that it was no ones fault and that we were simply too slow. He could have easily kept quite and let his buyer mouth off, but it was unfair so he intervened. This is how business should be done, with courtesy, mutual respect and a common goal to do business together. I personally have many business ventures and in business I cannot excuse or tolerate people who fail on their own mission (which is fine) but spend all their time blaming everyone else. Well done GPG, keep up the good work 🙏

Ally Kerr 
Group Director - at Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited

Over the short period of time I have used Tony and his services, he has delivered on every occassion and his knowledge within this field is second to none, a real must for any "client facing" industry.

Kathy Richards
Account Manager at PDV Ltd

I've been working with Tony for five years now; although his reputable temper for loving his job; he is by far one of my favourite clients to work with! Straight forward; always focused; reliable and knowledgeable on all Lead Generation aspects; he is second to none! I would highly recommend Tony for his devotion and commitment for his job. Impeccable!

Majeed Arshad
Founder st Sterolux Limited

Tony is one the best and highly knowledgeable person in the industry. It was a pleasure working with him on the last project. Extremely friendly and values the long term relationships.

Ishaan Talreja 
Managing Director at U Excellence Shoes

Tony is very kind and a really professional person, He is a real genuine seller in the PPE industry, I’d recommend Tony as the best in the business! I’m glad to connect with him!

Ernesto INBEMO

Owner presso ER-IM Srl

Tony is a nice and reputable person with an high knowledge in PPE industry. Cooperating with him it's safe for any genuine business transaction. Wishing him all the best to continuing in this field. With all my respectfully. Good luck. Ernesto Imbembo

Shaun Taylor 
Chairman Traders Club International 

Tony is an incredibly driven, passionate and ambitious individual that I have had the privilege of working with for many years. His integrity, loyalty and work ethic is unquestionable and moreover when he is set a task he is relentless until he achieves his desired goals and objectives.. An absolute pleasure to work with and he constantly surpasses my expectations!

Cameron Dorsett


I have worked closely with Carl on numerous occasions and each time has been a pleasure. No matter where he is or what he is doing he always has his finger on the pulse and is ready to get the job done efficiently and effectively. He truly is one of my favourite people to work with and id recommend him and his company to anybody

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