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Nitrile Gloves Production

Factory direct production for a number of Nitrile Glove brands and allocations from direct allocation holders.  

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BrandMark ™

BrandMark™ is a patented & proprietary software with revolutionary Anti-Counterfeiting, Tracking, Marketing, & E-Commerce capabilities!


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Astreea Hand Sanitizer

CHANGING THE GAME.  The new XXL Sanitizer is a game changer! 

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My Protect Kit

My Protect Kit began when the world needed protection during a pandemic like no other.

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MyAirShield™ is an advanced device that aids in disinfecting and sanitizing the air around you by spreading an atmospheric shield of low concentrated, solid, Chlorine Dioxide – one of the best agents against microbial life

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Virtual Concierge

Why a Virtual Concierge?

As we start to get back to travelling, today’s guests are looking for much more than a location or bed.  As well as searching for unique, emotional experiences that turn their visit into much more than just a stay in a room, Interactions and safety become a priority. 

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Ensuring Safer Spaces For All

As staff, visitors and students return to offices, schools and venues across the world, the CLEARED4® platform helps responsible organizations stay ahead of the curve by automating the process of ensuring a safer Covid-19-free environment

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