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Astreea® is designed and manufactured by ARSAT, a certified quality European aerospace factory. Top quality and safety are fundamentally required by our clients around the world, and the Astreea® pedal hand sanitizer is proudly meeting all standards.

Entirely made from medical stainless steel, durable, weather resistant and fully mechanical, Astreea® is probably the best dispenser on the Planet.

One of a kind.

Entirely manufactured from the highest quality materials in a state-of-the-art European aerospace facility,

the Astreea® pedal hand sanitizeris fully mechanical and requires no maintenance or electrical outlet.


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Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 09.34.26.png

Astreea® Hand Sanitizer

Trusted by

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Just push the pedal.

A hand sanitizer should be operated without hands.

Made entirely out of medical stainless steel, Astreea is not only beautiful, but quiet
and compact.

No installation necessary unless bolted to the
floor for outdoor use. Our dispenser stands the tests of weather and time.


For more information contact us directly on  or  call +44 (0)208 242 4062                                   

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