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MyAirShield™ Portable Air Purifier 

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We are surrounded by bacteria, 

airborne viruses, spores,  and toxins in our daily life. These pathogens are the main cause of allergies, influenza, respiratory infections, and tuberculosis.

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MyAirShield™ is an advanced device

that aids in disinfecting and sanitizing the air around you by spreading an atmospheric shield of low concentrated, solid, Chlorine Dioxide – one of the best agents against microbial life



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MyAirShield™ makes Chlorine Dioxide easy to use.

Just open the sealed package Inside the box, take out the badge inside, and attach it to your shirt, hang it around your neck, or place it anywhere you would prefer a cleaner air space.

Chlorine Dioxide, by oxidation, reacts directly with the cell wall of pathogens.

This reaction is independent of reaction time or concentration. In contrast to non-oxidizing disinfectants, chlorine dioxide also kills inactive pathogens. Therefore, the chlorine dioxide concentration needed to effectively kill both active and inactive pathogens is lower than non-oxidizing disinfectants.

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Our improved, patented Chlorine Dioxide pearls provide up to 90 days of active air purification to help sanitize your breathing space. MyAirShield™ may be used in closed and crowded spaces.

These include hospitals, indoor environments, on public transport, and even in your own home. It can be used as an additional sanitization measure for office staff, elderly people, children and the public in general.

Take MyAirShield™ with you in your car, in public transportation, to cafés and restaurants, to school, to the office and other public spaces.

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For more information contact us directly on  or  call +44 (0)208 242 4062                                   

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